Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sensei Mervyn Peters - Teachers Profile

Sensei Mervyn Peters
Humility must be his middle name. He is a very humble man and extremely powerful in built and a terrific attitude. He is straight down the line with most things and yet flexible in nature. He is a person full of gratitude for the teachings of Goshin kan Karate. First trained with Kancho in the early 70’s in a system of Budo Ryu. When he immigrated from South Africa he joined Goshin kan and has been with the organisation since. He loves learning and has made a lot of sacrifice to master Goshin kan karate. He shares knowledge willingly and has great pride in what he shares with others. He carries himself with respect and loves discipline. A fine karate person and a good teacher.

Kancho Deena Naidu