Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shihan John Turton- Teachers Profile
Shihan John Turton is a fearless karate-ka who loves good form and good sparing. A very hard working family man and has tried a few systems of martial arts and have settled with Goshin kan Karate. He believes in the traditional art of goju ryu and steers away from sport and the competitive nature of karate. He believes that the true champion of the art is not a winner amongst competitors, but participants who practices from their hearts to push themselves to achieve the best outcome for their own development and not compare or compete with others. He is a kind teacher with an enquiring mind.

Kancho Deena Naidu
John Turton Profile, son of John and Robyn Turton born 1960- country boy.
Back ground of Decendency
Descendant of Sir John Turton judge of the kings bench who opposed King Charles the first who was Anglo-Saxon Norman according to my family crest, the coat of arms found forbearer choose not to, as a display motto, as many family’s choose, not to in the 13th century.
Martial Arts History
My brother Ethan and I started Martial arts very young. Our ages were Ethan 7 and myself 8. We trained together for 10 years in two different styles, until we went our own separate ways. Ethan went on to become a Sensei in Zenchi-Ryu and also became very proficient in swordsmanship. It is because of my great interest in the arts that I continued my studies under various masters namely:
1) Shihan Greg Williams- Judo- 5 Years
2) Founder Wally Szlagowski- 5 years- level achieved second Dan
3) Sensai Barry Clark Seizan- Ryu- 5 years- level- achieved first Dan
4) Kungfu- Master- sefufong- fourteen months
5) Shihan- Tom Slaban- 9 months- Kempo
6) Shihan- Briefly Bailey- 5 years- the level I achieved was magpie
7) Kancho- Deena Naidu- over 20 years- level- Sensei San Dan
With some of these styles I practiced two or three styles at the same time. I was searching for knowledge and also to gain the ability of being highly proficient in the art of Self defence, after all this is what these arts much teach us - self defence. This is the reason and the importance I felt drove me to I train with these various styles.
My training with Kancho - Deena Naidu began when I needed to find someone to teach my children. My experience and knowledge of martial arts gave me an opportunity to look for the right person. This took me over 6 months of intense searching for a teacher, a teacher for my children. When I discovered him I was overwhelmed with joy. I said to myself at last I have found Him. I raced home to tell my wife. The very next day I enrolled my children, I sat there in amazement and in awe as I watched the juniors and the seniors class, all night the elated feeling of excitement stayed with me, I couldn’t help myself thinking I had to be a part of this. So two days later, I enrolled myself into the organisation. I started up as a white belt which I enjoyed doing as I think is a sign of humility. As Kancho says humility means acceptance to learn and there is no better place than to be a white belt. Also, until now, while training at Goshin kan Karate classes I have never told anyone of my previously history or experiences in martial arts. It is because I am writing my profile of my past history that I think it is right to disclose.Goshin kan karate, under Kancho Deena Naidu has changed my life forever. It is because of his teachings, his advise as a mentor and also being there for students, listening to them that has made the difference. I, like many people have gone through angry stages. I must emphasis that I was also very angry at the world. It is Kancho’s teachings and training of mind, body and spirit that has made the difference in my life. After a short period of training with Kancho, my angriness has subsided. My entire attitude, towards life had changed and it is still changing for the better. As Kancho says each day we are chiselling away the bad pieces and soon a sulpture of a person with good character remains. So I continually try everyday to tune my attitude in bettering my character and I am sure with Kancho help I am confident it is working.
My work is that of a truck driver. I have been driving B-double, semi trailers, rigs up and down the highway and freeways for 31 years, hopefully I will continue for another 31 year because it is my passion.To sum it up, be good or be good at it, train hard and you will be surprised on how you can push your body and mind. If you may think you have it too good or you may think you haven’t got it good look behind you and you will feel better about your life. There are billions worse off than you and less than 6 percent of the world's population better of.
I like to end up by gratefully acknowledging a few who have contributed to my life in such a great way.To my wife and family for letting me achieve what I have become. To my teacher Kancho, thank you. You have been a great inspiration and a great mentor. Thank you for being there for me. To all the people I have trained with over the years in Goshin kan from the bottom of my heart, without all of you I would have achieved very little or virtually nothing.