Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shihan Donald Grant - Teacher Profile

Shihan Donald Grant a powerfully build man of a placid nature with a great sense of humour. He has great knowledge of karate-do, yet with a never ending enquiring mind. He has been a true student of Goshin kan Karate-do for the past 25 years and is always full of praise for the Goshin kan system. A great believer of values and ethics. He is very thorough in his movements and will not attempt teaching something without first knowing the meaning of movement. He is a great achiever and never ceases to amaze everyone of his profound indebt of knowledge. He recently passed his Shihan’s grade.

Kancho Deena Naidu

In 1982 when I started training under Kancho, I knew nothing about Karate or any eastern self defence Arts. I thought Karate was only learning how to kick and punch. I knew nothing about the deeper meanings and benefits of Karate. I believe that Karate cannot be mastered in a few months, even a few years, but only over a lifetime of serious constant correct practice can its’ true meaning and benefits be seen and felt. Kancho always tells us the regular correct practice can one master the art of karate-do.
I started coming to training with a few friends that I used to work with. Kancho had been teaching at Rooty Hill about 12 months by then and had established a school of quality students. I looked up to these students, for their dedication, skill and correct attitude. Some students progressed impressively, yet much to my dismay left a great organisation. When they left Kancho’s teaching they soon found what they had left behind and much regretted their departure. Nothing they found after leaving Goshin-Kan came up to their expectations, what they found didn’t have the same value, or significance in any of the training.
Kancho has method and substance in his teaching's, the way he communicates this to his students and instructors to pass the knowledge on correctly and with love. This is not something a student will find too often in a martial arts school, not taking advantage of such an opportunity may prove costly, for you may never get a second change. Common sense tells me that, if something that you do is life changing for the better why change. This is one of the reasons I have stuck to Goshin kan karate as it has been and continues to be a life changing experience for me.
Seipai is my favourite kata. Kata is very important in Karate, as all techniques used in kumite and with defence have their origin in kata. It doesn’t matter what technique it is, the origin is still the same. The application of any particular technique can’t really be learnt wholly and correctly without having performed the kata and studied the kata and all techniques within it in the greatest depth and intensity possible. Seipai exhibits grace and power, yet the power shown in the kata isn’t all the kata is about. The power is real, yet deceptively so. Seipai’s grace is a delight to watch when performed, and then demonstrated in its Bunkai(application).
Favourite Techniques
Ura Uchi to targets, the techniques are easy to disguise, are fast and effective. Teisho uchi for the double opportunity they present.
Kin geri, this technique can be delivered in a number of directions or to multiple opponents from the same position with equal effectiveness.
uke is my favourite block for its simplicity and economy of movement.
Takedowns such as ashi barai and ukemi have also become much to my liking in kumite for their economy ease of execution and effectiveness.
Jiyu kumite provides the opportunity to develop the attributes needed to fight and defend oneself – strategy, patience, recognition and taking of opportunities in attack, reaction building in defence as well as the triangle elements in focus, speed and power, and balance, technique and timing.