Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sensei Redentor Leano– Teacher Profile

Sensei Red is a teacher of neat and tidy skills, deep in knowledge yet always wanting to know more. He has a thirst for karate that can never be quenched by any teacher—always searching and learning is his motto. He runs the Kellyville dojo at Sherwood Ridge Public. Loves kumite and never gets upset when hit and can give much more than get. Gentle as a lamb and fearless as a tiger. He loves sharing knowledge and gets great joy in teaching. A good family man and very community conscious. He loves spirituality and always wants to know more in this regard. He feels that life is far greater than we understand and has an interest in personal development. He has a gentle presence and stands firm in his beliefs. He believes in help ever, hurt never.

Kancho Deena Naidu

I started my Karate at Home as it teaches respect, love and good values. When my cousin, the late Engineer Warlito lived with us, he showed me the left hand clench and right hand open, the heels together and how to bow gently and how to make a sharp looking eye. I was eleven at the time when he showed me basic blocks, punches, strikes, kicks, and counters. We practised in the afternoon with few sparing. I remember my late father taught me boxing techniques as well by using his belly as a punching bag, which I enjoyed so much. However while learning those techniques from him, he had emphasised to me to stay away from trouble.

During my primary school years, we were taught calisthenics arnis as part of our Physical Education. I remembered there were some troublemaker kids who were bullying and wanting a fight after school. Basic Karate saved me during those times when violent kids were trying to attack me.

When I reached secondary school, gangs and fraternity groups were around me. My parents and teachers were very strict and taught me good values. Unfortunately, trouble is everywhere. There were times when my life had been in danger – karate and my mother’s fervent prayer saved my life.

In my younger years, we usually hold price money boxing competition.
This event happens every year to celebrate our town “Fiesta” or feast. Amateur participants are allowed to join. I had a misguided fighting spirit and an ego to feed. I always wanted to compete but realised later on that it was not healthy. I have seen young participants got hurt because of lack of or no head and mouth protection. I promised myself not to join in an unsafe competition like that.

I graduated with Bachelor of Science major in Architecture at National University in Manila, Philippines in year 1987, got a job, settled down and started a family. I migrated to Australia on the 14th of February 1992.

At that time, I still felt empty and my love in the art of karate made me searched for it. I did join some martial arts club but it didn't last long. When I moved to Kellyville with my wife and four children, I started getting sickly and my health is starting to become poor due to lack of exercise and physical activity. I prayed to God to show me the best school for fitness to restore my health and help be to be back in shape.

The answer to my prayer was when I met Kancho Deena Naidu - founder of
Goshin kan karate-do Goju Ryu. It is very hard to find a teacher who
graduated directly from Japan College of Karate-Do under master Gogen Yamaguchi and taking up a traditional Goju Ryu karate class and teaching his students one on one.

I signed up for membership straight away with my son Matthew
Leano who was just five years old at the time. The trainings we had with Kancho were intense -- a true art of skills and effective self defence. We had a massive syllables to remember coupled with correct and safe training practices. I struggled so much in my training so I need to do extra day of training in Castle Hill Dojo. Rooty Hill dojo was where I advanced gradually as I met and trained with black belts Shodans, Nidans, and Senseis. I felt so honoured to train with them. In jiyu kumite (e.i free sparing) all of them were good fighters with different types of talents, skills and abilities but above all, they have good character.

With Kancho's patience, he moulded me to be a better person -- physically, mentally and spiritually. I would say that the money that I have paid for monthly fees were not enough to pay Kancho for all the hard work he had put in on me and for all the knowledge he has taught me.

Aside from Goshin Kan's training, Kancho also held seminars and camps. I also attended and met Goshin Kai International members Shihans and Sensei in different karate styles like Tegume, ground fighting, okinawan goju ryu and other affiliated styles. As my belt changed colours I endeavoured to balance my time with my family, work and karate.

I started teaching and helping junior and seniors in the physical and mental aspects of their training. When I got my black belt and became Sensei, I fully realised the vision and mission of Goshin Kan Karate-do. Our vision is to improve quality of human life through character development, good human values, virtue and ethical behaviour. On the other hand, our mission is to give opportunity for self discovery and personal growth in the areas of fitness, respect, confidence and character building.

I do believe that GOD has made a plan for each one of us and we have to fulfil His will. If Goshin Kan Karate-Do changed your life for the better as it had changed mine, then I believe it is worth passing on and sharing it to our future generation.

Sensei Redentor Leano
Goshin Kan Karate-Do
Kellyville Dojo