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Sensei Mervyn Peters - Teachers Profile

Sensei Mervyn Peters
Humility must be his middle name. He is a very humble man and extremely powerful in built and a terrific attitude. He is straight down the line with most things and yet flexible in nature. He is a person full of gratitude for the teachings of Goshin kan Karate. First trained with Kancho in the early 70’s in a system of Budo Ryu. When he immigrated from South Africa he joined Goshin kan and has been with the organisation since. He loves learning and has made a lot of sacrifice to master Goshin kan karate. He shares knowledge willingly and has great pride in what he shares with others. He carries himself with respect and loves discipline. A fine karate person and a good teacher.

Kancho Deena Naidu

Sensei Paul Johnson - Teacher Profile

Sensei Paul a leader who is born to teach. He is a fine teacher of Goshin Kan Karate and has incredible patience. An enquiring mind and never allows anything to get to him. Great knowledge and attitude to life, his training ability as a technician is wonderful to watch. Carries himself with respect and dignity. A family man who loves life yet very sensitive to incorrect behaviour and bad discipline. Loves talking about positive things and makes friends easily. Loves kumite and kata and a skilled in the art of Goju Ryu and the Goshin kan way. He runs the North rocks dojo and has made a terrific success both as a teacher and as a student.

Kancho Deena Naidu

Shihan John Turton- Teachers Profile
Shihan John Turton is a fearless karate-ka who loves good form and good sparing. A very hard working family man and has tried a few systems of martial arts and have settled with Goshin kan Karate. He believes in the traditional art of goju ryu and steers away from sport and the competitive nature of karate. He believes that the true champion of the art is not a winner amongst competitors, but participants who practices from their hearts to push themselves to achieve the best outcome for their own development and not compare or compete with others. He is a kind teacher with an enquiring mind.

Kancho Deena Naidu
John Turton Profile, son of John and Robyn Turton born 1960- country boy.
Back ground of Decendency
Descendant of Sir John Turton judge of the kings bench who opposed King Charles the first who was Anglo-Saxon Norman according to my family crest, the coat of arms found forbearer choose not to, as a display motto, as many family’s choose, not to in the 13th century.
Martial Arts History
My brother Ethan and I started Martial arts very young. Our ages were Ethan 7 and myself 8. We trained together for 10 years in two different styles, until we went our own separate ways. Ethan went on to become a Sensei in Zenchi-Ryu and also became very proficient in swordsmanship. It is because of my great interest in the arts that I continued my studies under various masters namely:
1) Shihan Greg Williams- Judo- 5 Years
2) Founder Wally Szlagowski- 5 years- level achieved second Dan
3) Sensai Barry Clark Seizan- Ryu- 5 years- level- achieved first Dan
4) Kungfu- Master- sefufong- fourteen months
5) Shihan- Tom Slaban- 9 months- Kempo
6) Shihan- Briefly Bailey- 5 years- the level I achieved was magpie
7) Kancho- Deena Naidu- over 20 years- level- Sensei San Dan
With some of these styles I practiced two or three styles at the same time. I was searching for knowledge and also to gain the ability of being highly proficient in the art of Self defence, after all this is what these arts much teach us - self defence. This is the reason and the importance I felt drove me to I train with these various styles.
My training with Kancho - Deena Naidu began when I needed to find someone to teach my children. My experience and knowledge of martial arts gave me an opportunity to look for the right person. This took me over 6 months of intense searching for a teacher, a teacher for my children. When I discovered him I was overwhelmed with joy. I said to myself at last I have found Him. I raced home to tell my wife. The very next day I enrolled my children, I sat there in amazement and in awe as I watched the juniors and the seniors class, all night the elated feeling of excitement stayed with me, I couldn’t help myself thinking I had to be a part of this. So two days later, I enrolled myself into the organisation. I started up as a white belt which I enjoyed doing as I think is a sign of humility. As Kancho says humility means acceptance to learn and there is no better place than to be a white belt. Also, until now, while training at Goshin kan Karate classes I have never told anyone of my previously history or experiences in martial arts. It is because I am writing my profile of my past history that I think it is right to disclose.Goshin kan karate, under Kancho Deena Naidu has changed my life forever. It is because of his teachings, his advise as a mentor and also being there for students, listening to them that has made the difference. I, like many people have gone through angry stages. I must emphasis that I was also very angry at the world. It is Kancho’s teachings and training of mind, body and spirit that has made the difference in my life. After a short period of training with Kancho, my angriness has subsided. My entire attitude, towards life had changed and it is still changing for the better. As Kancho says each day we are chiselling away the bad pieces and soon a sulpture of a person with good character remains. So I continually try everyday to tune my attitude in bettering my character and I am sure with Kancho help I am confident it is working.
My work is that of a truck driver. I have been driving B-double, semi trailers, rigs up and down the highway and freeways for 31 years, hopefully I will continue for another 31 year because it is my passion.To sum it up, be good or be good at it, train hard and you will be surprised on how you can push your body and mind. If you may think you have it too good or you may think you haven’t got it good look behind you and you will feel better about your life. There are billions worse off than you and less than 6 percent of the world's population better of.
I like to end up by gratefully acknowledging a few who have contributed to my life in such a great way.To my wife and family for letting me achieve what I have become. To my teacher Kancho, thank you. You have been a great inspiration and a great mentor. Thank you for being there for me. To all the people I have trained with over the years in Goshin kan from the bottom of my heart, without all of you I would have achieved very little or virtually nothing.

Shihan Joseph Morris- Teacher Profile

Shihan Joseph Morris an extremely neat karate technician who performs the art with great finess. He is constantly seeking for perfection and an open book to knowledge. He is the sort of person that goes away from the thought of working harder next time, to that of working hard as well as smart now. A deep thinker and likes the indebt knowledge of karate. He is one who is strong on values and a deeply spiritual person. Loves Juji kumite and is a traditional kumite stylist. He loves complex technique and challenges himself to master what he learns. A wonderful family man with a great zest for living — loves life, great sense of humour. He loves the art as taught at Goshin kan and has been with the organisation from a junior grade.

Kancho Deena Naidu

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Teachers Profile: Sensei Byron Frankson

Sensei Byron Frankson, is a very powerful karate-ka who thinks deeply about the teachings. His high level of skill, profound knowledge in health and education and deep interests in the arts has made him a true karate-ka in traditional karate-do. He is a deep thinker and a natural educationalist. An extremely powerful kumite practitioner and loves hojo undo. An great mentor to the young and an asset to Goshin kan. A fine temperament, down the straight and narrow is his belief. He is very protective of Goshin kan’s values and philosophies and believes in the great traditions that has been handed down by Miyage Sensei and Gogen Sensei. He has a very relaxed nature and finds life interesting. He thinks more about things than others and does not like change. He also has a very sensitive nature, yet hold his own in many aspects of his life. Loves spreading the teachings and believes that Goshin kan is one of the good ways into the future.
Kancho Deena Naidu

Training history, belief and life:
I am not too sure if this is exactly true for each and everyone, but Goshin Kan has changed my life. Based on the fact that both my parents are teachers and have been for many years, I have always envisioned myself as becoming a teacher. However, due to the fact that I did not achieve the HSC results or final mark to be accepted into the courses I wished to be in (namely PDHPE teaching), I was forced to make a slightly risky decision: doing a year of a related degree, but not exactly what I wanted to do in life (that being Health Science). During this time though, I began training as a white belt in Goshin Kan Karate-do, and learning things I had never imagined were possible: using the mind and body together as a useful tool. I slowly began to perceive everything around me differently, I eventually completed the first year in this particular course, and applied for the university to which I have now attained my Bachelor of Health and Physical Education undergraduate degree; and I am now a Teacher. I owe a great debt to Goshin Kan (“The home of self preservation”), for giving me the self confidence and motivation to competently complete this course and truly be what I wanted to be in life, and I am proud to call my self an Instructor and lifelong Student of such a sacred, but deadly art.

I use up the word ‘deadly’ due to the obvious fact that the power and strength which is ever-present in our various techniques is simply amazing. What we know, having learnt from Kancho, is dangerous in the wrong hands, but can save a life in the right hands. For instance, Kancho’s persistent analogy regarding a knife: a weapon in the hands of a murderer, a surgical tool in the hands of a doctor and a cooking implement in the hands of a chef – it is the person who possesses the knife who shall ultimately determine how it is to be used. This is the most important of all the lessons I have learned throughout my years of training, the fact that it is the character of the individual which is of most importance in pure, true and traditional Karate-do; as we are very different from many ‘other’ organisations which have completely drifted away from the original purposes of the art: human values and the development of good character. Additionally, of all the diverse messages Kancho has ever delivered I personally believe the below acronym for Karate is one that will remain with me my entire life, as a Budo-ka; it is as follows:

K – Kill
A – Aggression;
R – Remove
A – Animosity;
T – Terminate
E – Ego.

The final two words resonate with me beyond explanation, as it the termination of ego (which is known as “Muga” – ‘no ego’ in Japanese), that will help to solve a lot of modern society’s problems; hopefully achieving peace and harmony, in a world which is full of chaos and disorder.

Favourite Karate quote:
“Keep the belt on the waist, let it never go to the head.”
Kancho Deena Naidu

Favourite values:
I think that the two which stand out for me are: 1. truth and 2. heart. The main reason behind this is that when we open our hands and refer to the human values which we hold dearly in Goshin Kan, each finger relates to each one of our values; the first being truth and the last being heart. Without these two values we are not able to grasp the eight other values (those being love, peace, right conduct, non-violence, words, actions, thoughts and character), and although each one is just as important as the other, all are the virtues which make us better people.

Sensei Redentor Leano– Teacher Profile

Sensei Red is a teacher of neat and tidy skills, deep in knowledge yet always wanting to know more. He has a thirst for karate that can never be quenched by any teacher—always searching and learning is his motto. He runs the Kellyville dojo at Sherwood Ridge Public. Loves kumite and never gets upset when hit and can give much more than get. Gentle as a lamb and fearless as a tiger. He loves sharing knowledge and gets great joy in teaching. A good family man and very community conscious. He loves spirituality and always wants to know more in this regard. He feels that life is far greater than we understand and has an interest in personal development. He has a gentle presence and stands firm in his beliefs. He believes in help ever, hurt never.

Kancho Deena Naidu

I started my Karate at Home as it teaches respect, love and good values. When my cousin, the late Engineer Warlito lived with us, he showed me the left hand clench and right hand open, the heels together and how to bow gently and how to make a sharp looking eye. I was eleven at the time when he showed me basic blocks, punches, strikes, kicks, and counters. We practised in the afternoon with few sparing. I remember my late father taught me boxing techniques as well by using his belly as a punching bag, which I enjoyed so much. However while learning those techniques from him, he had emphasised to me to stay away from trouble.

During my primary school years, we were taught calisthenics arnis as part of our Physical Education. I remembered there were some troublemaker kids who were bullying and wanting a fight after school. Basic Karate saved me during those times when violent kids were trying to attack me.

When I reached secondary school, gangs and fraternity groups were around me. My parents and teachers were very strict and taught me good values. Unfortunately, trouble is everywhere. There were times when my life had been in danger – karate and my mother’s fervent prayer saved my life.

In my younger years, we usually hold price money boxing competition.
This event happens every year to celebrate our town “Fiesta” or feast. Amateur participants are allowed to join. I had a misguided fighting spirit and an ego to feed. I always wanted to compete but realised later on that it was not healthy. I have seen young participants got hurt because of lack of or no head and mouth protection. I promised myself not to join in an unsafe competition like that.

I graduated with Bachelor of Science major in Architecture at National University in Manila, Philippines in year 1987, got a job, settled down and started a family. I migrated to Australia on the 14th of February 1992.

At that time, I still felt empty and my love in the art of karate made me searched for it. I did join some martial arts club but it didn't last long. When I moved to Kellyville with my wife and four children, I started getting sickly and my health is starting to become poor due to lack of exercise and physical activity. I prayed to God to show me the best school for fitness to restore my health and help be to be back in shape.

The answer to my prayer was when I met Kancho Deena Naidu - founder of
Goshin kan karate-do Goju Ryu. It is very hard to find a teacher who
graduated directly from Japan College of Karate-Do under master Gogen Yamaguchi and taking up a traditional Goju Ryu karate class and teaching his students one on one.

I signed up for membership straight away with my son Matthew
Leano who was just five years old at the time. The trainings we had with Kancho were intense -- a true art of skills and effective self defence. We had a massive syllables to remember coupled with correct and safe training practices. I struggled so much in my training so I need to do extra day of training in Castle Hill Dojo. Rooty Hill dojo was where I advanced gradually as I met and trained with black belts Shodans, Nidans, and Senseis. I felt so honoured to train with them. In jiyu kumite (e.i free sparing) all of them were good fighters with different types of talents, skills and abilities but above all, they have good character.

With Kancho's patience, he moulded me to be a better person -- physically, mentally and spiritually. I would say that the money that I have paid for monthly fees were not enough to pay Kancho for all the hard work he had put in on me and for all the knowledge he has taught me.

Aside from Goshin Kan's training, Kancho also held seminars and camps. I also attended and met Goshin Kai International members Shihans and Sensei in different karate styles like Tegume, ground fighting, okinawan goju ryu and other affiliated styles. As my belt changed colours I endeavoured to balance my time with my family, work and karate.

I started teaching and helping junior and seniors in the physical and mental aspects of their training. When I got my black belt and became Sensei, I fully realised the vision and mission of Goshin Kan Karate-do. Our vision is to improve quality of human life through character development, good human values, virtue and ethical behaviour. On the other hand, our mission is to give opportunity for self discovery and personal growth in the areas of fitness, respect, confidence and character building.

I do believe that GOD has made a plan for each one of us and we have to fulfil His will. If Goshin Kan Karate-Do changed your life for the better as it had changed mine, then I believe it is worth passing on and sharing it to our future generation.

Sensei Redentor Leano
Goshin Kan Karate-Do
Kellyville Dojo

Sensei Haydn Williams– Teacher Profile

Sensei Haydn is a teacher of great skill and knowledge, that runs the Kellyville dojo at Sherwood Ridge Public. A soft and gentle teacher, yet strong and powerful, who loves discipline. He follows tradition karate-do to the ‘T’. He loves sparing and finds kata extremely challenging, yet seems satisfied and fulfilled in its complete understanding. He is a great representative of Goshin kan and loves the system. A terrific family man and gets on well with everyone including the teachers and students of Goshin kan. He treats everyone alike be it senior or junior. He has a wealth of knowledge of traditional karate, yet never ever feels he knows enough. He is like the student that has the philosophy that a cup will never be filled if it not empty to start with. He is always happy to share what he understands and loves making an extra effort in assisting those in need. He believes that Good Service is ones Duty.

Kancho Deena Naidu

My Profile: Sensei Haydn Williams

Training History:

I looked long and far for a good Karate school. Eventually I was recommended to visit Goshin Kan by one of their students. I was told to walk into the Dojo and see Sensei Donald (now Shihan Donald) at the desk, and ask him about what I wanted to know. I remember looking into the Dojo and being awestruck. There were so many fearsome looking instructors and students. I cautiously entered the Dojo and approached Sensei Donald.

Sensei Donald said I should “take you shoes off, get in line, and copy everyone else!”, naturally I did as I was told.

I found that I really enjoyed the lesson, and joined up straight away. After I bought my Gi, I remember Kancho tying my belt for the first time, he told me “Welcome to the Club” smiled and shook my hand. I have been training hard ever since!

Like everyone else I began as a white belt, and being a bit dare I say older than the average student, I found learning Karate very difficult. To me it always felt like it took me a long time to grasp the physical and mental aspects of our art. Of course everyone feels like this when we start learning something new. I’m not sure how many of you realise that even the Sensei’s sometimes find Karate difficult. Yes it is, but nothing worth doing ever comes easy. Remember that!

Belief and purpose of karate do:

Karate is not a sport. Sport has winners and losers. In Goshin Kan Karate, we have only winners!
Our Karate is a traditional art, traditional means that we follow the ways and means of our ancestors. The Masters of years gone by did not use Karate for sport. It was passed down, usually father to son, for their self defense and personal development.

In sport, the aim is to defeat your opponent, so you bask in the glory of victory. Of course the only thing that develops with this is the size of your ego. Or resentment of being beaten.

In Karate-do (the art of Karate) we aim to help and train our students. The greatest reward for a teacher is to see our karate-ka (karate students) learning and developing their art properly. When our students are outside the Dojo, they are happy, confident and honorable. That is the victory of your teachers. That is the true meaning of Karate.

My favourite Kata:

My favorite Kata is Seisan. It’s a difficult and complex Kata, but it contains many powerful techniques. These techniques make traditional Karate different from sport karate. They are simply too dangerous to be used in sport.

These techniques give awesome power to a smaller person who is defending themselves. They are ideal for female Karate-ka, as they can use these techniques to defend themselves from male attackers. Or for junior students against adult attackers.

When you are taught Seisan or any other Kata, remember our ancestors have passed on a message through your Kata. All of our Kata start with a block, this means karate do, the way of karate is only for defence.

Remember… “There is no first move in Karate”.

My favourite Technique:

Is the double punch, where the first punch aims for the head, and the second aims for the Solar Plexus. This is a simple but effective technique, where the first strike is actually a mock attack, where your opponent is loured to block and focus on your first strike to the upper part of their body (Jodan) , only to struck by your strong second strike to their middle section (Chudan).

This effective technique should temporarily disable your attacker, but is unlikely to damage them. They will have a valuable lesson in that their aggression was a foolish act, and you will have defended yourself.

In a way you have both come out as winners!

Shihan Donald Grant - Teacher Profile

Shihan Donald Grant a powerfully build man of a placid nature with a great sense of humour. He has great knowledge of karate-do, yet with a never ending enquiring mind. He has been a true student of Goshin kan Karate-do for the past 25 years and is always full of praise for the Goshin kan system. A great believer of values and ethics. He is very thorough in his movements and will not attempt teaching something without first knowing the meaning of movement. He is a great achiever and never ceases to amaze everyone of his profound indebt of knowledge. He recently passed his Shihan’s grade.

Kancho Deena Naidu

In 1982 when I started training under Kancho, I knew nothing about Karate or any eastern self defence Arts. I thought Karate was only learning how to kick and punch. I knew nothing about the deeper meanings and benefits of Karate. I believe that Karate cannot be mastered in a few months, even a few years, but only over a lifetime of serious constant correct practice can its’ true meaning and benefits be seen and felt. Kancho always tells us the regular correct practice can one master the art of karate-do.
I started coming to training with a few friends that I used to work with. Kancho had been teaching at Rooty Hill about 12 months by then and had established a school of quality students. I looked up to these students, for their dedication, skill and correct attitude. Some students progressed impressively, yet much to my dismay left a great organisation. When they left Kancho’s teaching they soon found what they had left behind and much regretted their departure. Nothing they found after leaving Goshin-Kan came up to their expectations, what they found didn’t have the same value, or significance in any of the training.
Kancho has method and substance in his teaching's, the way he communicates this to his students and instructors to pass the knowledge on correctly and with love. This is not something a student will find too often in a martial arts school, not taking advantage of such an opportunity may prove costly, for you may never get a second change. Common sense tells me that, if something that you do is life changing for the better why change. This is one of the reasons I have stuck to Goshin kan karate as it has been and continues to be a life changing experience for me.
Seipai is my favourite kata. Kata is very important in Karate, as all techniques used in kumite and with defence have their origin in kata. It doesn’t matter what technique it is, the origin is still the same. The application of any particular technique can’t really be learnt wholly and correctly without having performed the kata and studied the kata and all techniques within it in the greatest depth and intensity possible. Seipai exhibits grace and power, yet the power shown in the kata isn’t all the kata is about. The power is real, yet deceptively so. Seipai’s grace is a delight to watch when performed, and then demonstrated in its Bunkai(application).
Favourite Techniques
Ura Uchi to targets, the techniques are easy to disguise, are fast and effective. Teisho uchi for the double opportunity they present.
Kin geri, this technique can be delivered in a number of directions or to multiple opponents from the same position with equal effectiveness.
uke is my favourite block for its simplicity and economy of movement.
Takedowns such as ashi barai and ukemi have also become much to my liking in kumite for their economy ease of execution and effectiveness.
Jiyu kumite provides the opportunity to develop the attributes needed to fight and defend oneself – strategy, patience, recognition and taking of opportunities in attack, reaction building in defence as well as the triangle elements in focus, speed and power, and balance, technique and timing.

Teachers Profile: Shihan Quentin Frankson

Shihan Quentin Frankson, is a dynamic karate-ka who lives the teachings. His attitude towards karate, his spiritual nature and ability makes him one of the optimum traditional teachers in this modern world. A perfectionist with technique, a lover of kata and skill, and great knowledge beyond just the physical makes him an asset not only for Goshin Kan but to the those who have a thirst for knowledge. He carries himself with self respect and shows great compassion for those who struggle through life and always offers a helping hand to those who cannot meet the challenges in life. A wonderful family man, terrific karate-ka who believes that everything in life has a meaning and a purpose.

Training History, belief and my life

I began learning karate out of the need to protect myself. In Cape Town one Friday night in 1976, my brother and I were attacked by five gangsters. They appeared from nowhere and everything happened so quickly. I was preparing to leave his car with the door ajar when one of them tried to pull me from the car whilst another with a knife stabbed me in both legs. My brother reacted quickly by starting the car and driving off. I retrospect I hate to think of what the result would have been had they succeeded in pulling me from the car.
I began my karate journey with a club that my brother-in-law was training with. The dojo was a modified double garage which belonged to one of the senior students. We learnt Shukukai, a style designed for competition. The techniques that we learnt were linear and the syllabus was limited. The thing that I liked most about the club was the friendliness and sense of community at the club. There I befriended Reevo, a good sportsperson and martial artist. I also met then Shodan Billy Bailie who had been graded in Durban by Kancho Deena Naidu who was a frequent visitor to the dojo. I practised there for two years and did my practise at home which I supplemented by endurance running.
I moved away from the club to take up my first teaching job. There were a few males on the staff and a young teacher by the name of Leonard who had just received his shodan grade with a club that did a style based on Goju Ryu. I joined the local branch of that club and found the same friendly atmosphere and sense of community. This was the first time learning a circular style which I found challenging. I practised for about five years and enjoyed the home sessions with Leonard who assisted me a lot. I met Reevo one day and he was very excited not about the shodan grade that he had received from Kancho Deena Naidu but the knowledge of the art that Kancho had revealed to him and spoke very highly of what a great teacher he was.
We immigrated to Australia in 1990 and I had a ten year break from karate. It was destiny that I was to meet Kancho one day when looking for a self defence teacher for school and this was the beginning of my training with Goshinkan.
After a long absence from karate I found the training a great challenge and having my son and daughter training too assisted me a lot. I found the Goshinkan human values programme to be unique. I find that Kancho’s teachings of techniques are about being practical, efficient and correct.
The senior students were always on hand to offer assistance when it was needed which also helped me a lot. I have found Kancho Deena Naidu to be a very friendly and approachable teacher who will teach techniques that are applicable to your level of readiness. Goshinkan has also taught me that correctness and efficiency of execution of techniques is the way to having effective results.
The art as practised by Goshinkan is not for the elevation of the ego but the development of one’s character. Every student is given equal respect regardless of grade. This is very well modelled by all Goshinkan senior students. The five human values, Peace, Love, Truth, Right Conduct and Non-Violence is a constant reminder of the way to live a proper life. I enjoy Kancho’s lessons because there is always something new to learn and challenge us.
Martial Arts have certainly taught me a lot about the way to live in our ever changing and challenging world. It has taught me to be positive about life and not to be afraid of adversities. I have learnt a lot about refining my character. Karate has also helped to be able to use the limbs equally well on both sides of my body. I also feel more balanced mentally and spiritually too. When I assist students, I enjoy sharing my bit of knowledge with those who have started after me.
I think that the traditional art has an important role to play in the community especially Goshinkan and the human values programme.
Traditional karate to me is my way of life because it develops good health and a sound body, unlike the sport type that can injure the body or even the ego. My aim is to continue training and learning the art because there is so much to learn.
I have been blessed by having caring parents. Dad’s favourite saying was “You are better not doing it if you are not going to do it properly” and Mum’s “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Mum also lived a simple life and was always open to helping others, morals worth striving towards.
With a concerted effort, the physical aspect of karate is easily learnt but the constant refinement of one’s character is the greatest challenge. Social interaction should always result in both parties departing feeling winners.

Favourite Kata
To me Kata is the nucleus of martial arts. It is not as can be perceived by some as forms, a dance or a sequence of moves, but important together with the Bunkai in learning the real self defence. It is not the number of Kata that you know or how to perform higher level kata, but how well that you can do the few that you know. The challenge is to develop strong stances, refine techniques and execute them with focus and power. Kata if studied properly has many answers for practical self defence as well as the opportunity to discover the higher levels of the art.
I enjoy the unique challenge that every kata has to offer. The preliminary Taikyoku kata if practised in earnest, they form the perfect foundation for the other Goju Ryu kata. There is no end to the practise of striving to refine all learnt kata. I enjoy them all.

Favourite Technique
Mae Geri and Kin Geri, Ura Uchi and Empi Uchi

Favourite Karate Quote

“Push energy swiftly,
Hold mind calmly,
Move Body lightly,
Keep eyes clearly,
Use technique intensely”
Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei
Favourite Value
Having peace of mind enables us to function effectively. Karate teaches us to have mushin, a mind at peace and free of thought and we can respond to activity around us.
Peace with others is paramount if we are to live harmoniously as a community.

Gogen Sensei Quote

“Karate is the battle against one’s self and the way of one’s life.”
“When you perform kata, the most important thing is your mental attitude.”
“There is no end to the practice of kata.”
“You cannot improve if you always think of about victory.”